LED resistor overview

To make sure I supply the right amount of voltage for my Wemos D1 mini projects I need to know a little bit more about the kinds of LEDs I intend to use.

With the Wemos D1 mini typically supplying components with 3.3 V, I need calculate the approproate resistors for my various SMD LEDs.
An online web app (“LED Resistor Calculator,” n.d.) was very handy to find the right values. Below is a table of all the LEDs I have in my stash and the most important values from their data sheet for easy reference.

Type If Vf (max) R 3.3V
Red SMD LED red 70mcd
Gullwing  ZD2000 9061
30.0mA 2.0V (2.5V) 43 Ω 43Ω (Datasheet)
Yellow SMD LED  yel 40mcd Gullwing ZD2005 9061 30.0mA 2.1V
40 Ω
Green SMD LED grn 100mcd Gullwing ZD2010 9061 25.0mA 2.2V
44 Ω
White SML-LX1206UWW-TR LED, QuasarBrite, White, SMD 20.0mA 3.5V (4.0V) Datasheet

Below is an image of how I use my coloured LEDs for the visualisation of water temperature in combination with resistors on a copper tape paper circuit (inspired by Qi, 2012 and High-Low Tech Group, MIT Media Lab, 2012).

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